Swing Mats

Our RubberLast™ swing mats solve the problem for the unsafe, rutted out area beneath swings and at the bottom of slides. The heavy weight design of the RubberLast™ swing mat makes it durable and prevents it from being carried out of place.

matspinYou will find the unique design molded into the underside of the mat sets it apart from other playground mats. The bottom of the mat has nine gripping bars that provide traction with the surface of the playground. With this feature the time spent to reposition the mats is greatly reduced.

The tapered edge design reduces the tripping hazard and allows the mat to be countersunk into the playground mulch.

The RubberLast™ swing mat is available in single and pallet quantities.

The RubberLast™ swing mats meet the ASTM F1292-09 standard for a five foot fall height.  See the results of the test below.

ASTM F1292-04 Drop Height Test
Temperature Maximum Drop Height That Gives a Gmax of 200 or less and a HIC of 1000 or less
 Ambient, 7°2F (23°C)  6′
 Hot, 120°F (49°C)  5′
 Cold, 25°F (-6°C)  5′
 Critical Fall Height (CFH)  5′

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