Rubber Mulch

Install RubberLast™ mulch once and enjoy its beauty for many years to come. RubberLast™ mulch is produced by using a unique blending and drying process that results in a durable, high quality landscaping mulch. RubberLast™ landscape mulch is manufactured with one of the largest chips in the industries. When installed it has a natural look and makes it stable to wind and rain.

In producing rubber mulch for over ten years Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. has found the benefits of using RubberLast™ landscaping mulch include;

  • Consistent color through all four seasons
  • Does not attract termites, carpenter ants, bees, or other wood destroying insects
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Safe to use with landscaping plants
  • 95% reduction in weed growth
  • Holds moisture without rot
  • Long lasting, cost effective
  • Allows water and nutrients to go straight to the soil
  • 98% metal free
  • Warranty (Click here for warranty page)

Rubberlast™ Colors

Mocha Brown

Cedar Red

Black Onyx

Turf Green

Natural Black

Southern Cypress

 Ocean Blue

Note – Due to monitor settings, monitor pixel definitions, limitations of desktop scanners, digital photography, and color lot variations, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen is the exact color of the product. The photos on this page are intended to be used as a guide only. To see a sample of the actual product please call Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. at 717-444-3788.

RubberLast™ coverage chart

Square Feet Depth
6.5 Square Feet 2″*
4.5 Square Feet 3″
3.5 Square Feet 4″

*Minimum Recommended Depth

Approx 26 pounds per cubic foot

Rubberlast™ Rubber Mulch Calculator

The length of the area you need to cover (in feet)
The width of the area you need to cover (in feet)
The depth of coverage you need (in inches)

Installation and other helpful tips

Tips for installation

Remove any excess mulch from your beds. Applying RubberLast™ mulch over existing mulch may change the coverage rate. If you have a termite issue, removal of all organic mulch is recommended. In all cases, remove organic mulches at least 18′ from the foundation.

Apply a pre-emergent to eliminate weed seed already in the soil (see your herbacide specialist before applying your pre-emergent herbacide).

Apply a systematic weed killer to existing weed foliage (see your herbacide specialist before applying your systematic weed killer).

Apply 2″ depth of RubberLast™ mulch to keep airborne weed seed from reaching the soil.

The 1.15 cubic foot bags make installation of the RubberLast™ landscape mulch convenient. The top of the bag is cut and the mulch is spread directly from the bag to precisely where it is needed. This will minimize misplaced mulch.

Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. also offers RubberLast™ landscape mulch in 2 yard super sacks. These large bags are equipped with lifting straps in each of the four corners.

Rubberlast™ landscaping mulch is also available in bulk. Bulk shipment is simply material picked up or delivered without packaging.

For purchasing information call 717-444-3788

Warranty Information

Click the warranty information link above to see full details on the Rubberlast™ mulch warranty.