RubberLast™ PlayTurf is available in seven colors. RubberLast™ PlayTurf is available in 1.15 cubic foot plastic bags (approx. 30 pounds) and 2 or 3 yard super sack packaging. RubberLast™ PlayTurf can also be purchased in bulk. Directly below the RubberLast™ colors is a depth chart and a RubberLast™ PlayTurf calculator. To determine how many cubic yards you need for your project enter the length and width of your area in feet and the depth you prefer in inches into the RubberLast™ PlayTurf calculator.

RubberLast™ PlayTurf is a cost effective way to add cushion to your playground. It provides superior safety over other loose materials. Loose fill rubber footing is durable and has been in playgrounds for over 20 years.

Rubberlast™ Colors

Mocha Brown

Cedar Red

Black Onyx

Turf Green

Natural Black

Southern Cypress

 Ocean Blue

Note – Due to monitor settings, monitor pixel definitions, limitations of desktop scanners, digital photography, and color lot variations, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen is the exact color of the product. The photos on this page are intended to be used as a guide only. To see a sample of the actual product please call Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. at 717-444-3788.

Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. is committed to supplying playgrounds with a soft, durable playing surface. RubberLast™ PlayTurf is produced with that thought in mind. Our play turf has been certified to be in compliance with ASTM F1951-09 which refers to the ADA wheel chair accessibility standard. It also has been certified to be in compliance with ASTM F1292-04 which refers to the head impact attenuation standard. Our commitment to safety is an important reason why our customers prefer installing RubberLast™ PlayTurf.  See the results of the ASTM F1292-04 test at the bottom of the page.

RubberLast™ PlayTurf Depth Chart

Square Feet Depth
3.5 Sq Ft 4″
2.6 Sq Ft 5″
2.25 Sq Ft 6″

Approximately 26 pound per cubic foot

RubberLast™ PlayTurf Calculator

The length of the area you need to cover (in feet)
The width of the area you need to cover (in feet)
The depth of coverage you need (in inches)

Installation Instructions

To install RubberLast™ PlayTurf:

Always follow the project engineers specifications.

Proper drainage is required. If the area is not naturally well drained, remedial action needs be taken to ensure a dry base layer and that the surface area for the playground is well drained.

It is important to install borders around the RubberLast™ PlayTurf to maintain a consist depth around the entire playground area. A great option for this is RubberLast™ borders.

Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. recommends that RubberLast™ PlayTurf be installed in layers no more than three inches thick. Each layer should be leveled and compacted with a mechanical compactor before the next layer is installed. Each layer should be compacted at a 90 degree angle to the previous one.

For areas under swings and at the end of slides, RubberLast™ swing mats are recommended to help maintain the proper depth of RubberLast™ PlayTurf.

General Maintenance

The playground should be regularly inspected to insure the RubberLast™ PlayTurf maintains the required depth and has remained compacted.

Warranty Information

Click the warranty information link above to see full details on the Rubberlast™ PlayTurf warranty.

ASTM F1292-04 Drop Height Test
Temperature Maximum Drop Height That Gives a Gmax of
200 or less and a HIC of 1000 or less
 Ambient, 72°F (23°C)  14′
 Hot, 120°F (49°C)  14′
 Cold, 25°F (-6°C)  14′
 Critical Fall Height (CFH)  14′
 Reference Gmax Curves Included

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, Inc. for a copy of the full report.