Athletic Turf

The RubberLast™ athletic turf brand is known to be a premium grade of exceptionally clean rubber by the companies that install athletic fields. Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. uses redundant cleaning systems to remove the fine dust particles to provide an exceptionally clean playing surface.

Our mission is to provide athletes with the cleanest rubber to perform on.

When you watch the video, notice the lack of visible airborne dust. The RubberLast™ brand is cleaned to have less than one percent rubber smaller than 20 mesh. 20 mesh is 0.841 mm which is about the thickness of the average credit card. The percentage of fiber in RubberLast™ athletic turf is too low to measure using a digital scale going out to 100th of a gram . For a quality comparison contact Mahantango Enterprises, Inc.

To maintain the highest level of quality our quality control department takes testing to the extreme. As an example, on the average athletic field supplied with RubberLast™ athletic turf, we will have tested our product over 100 times.

It is important when purchasing athletic turf to ask the manufacturer of the rubber turf to supply quality control reports for past projects. The report should included a sieve analysis for sizing consistency, and a fiber & metals content report. Contact Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. for a copy of a quality control report for the RubberLast™ product.

At a time when the industry is focusing on price alone RubberLast™ provides a great value with exceptional quality. To be sure your athletes get the quality they deserve ask your contractor to provide the RubberLast™ brand.