About Us


Our History

The roots of Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. go back to the 1970’s when founders Roger and Leona Hess believed there was value in the components of a tire. They established a supply of tires by storing them until the future recycling plant would be built. Establishing a customer base early proved to be a key to surviving the early days.

In the mid 1980’s Roger and Leona researched markets and equipment. During these early days in tire recycling most of the equipment on the market did not function properly. They could not find equipment robust enough to hold up to the intense environment of processing tires. In their minds the only alternative was to take what they learned and design their own dependable system. In August of 1989 that plan was put into action. Mahantango Enterprises was incorporated and the first plant was built. Roger and Leona along with their children Denise, Todd and Troy recycled their first tire in the new facility built just south of Mahantango Creek.

The name of the company was inspired by the Indian tribes who long ago resided on the farm where Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. is located. The Indians were pioneers in recycling, their recycling techniques allowed them to benefit by using all of the Eastern buffalo which were indigenous to the area over 150 years ago. Roger and Leona were inspired to find a way to recycle all parts of the tire. In those days recycling just the rubber from the tire was nearly impossible. Recycling the fiber and steel cords used in tires was unthinkable. Roger and Leona, inspired by the Indian culture, proved to be ahead of their time.

Today the company has grown into an industry leader with a team of professionals recycling millions of scrap tires into high quality RubberLast™ products. Roger and Leona’s early vision that all the components of the tire have value is still the theme in our mission to make the highest quality RubberLast™ products possible.

Our Mission

It is our mission to change the perception of scrap tires from a waste product to a valuable commodity by producing rubber products that are clean, consistent and of high quality. We are driven to improve all facets of our company from the products we produce to developing a culture of teamwork within the company that translates into long lasting careers.