Horse Turf

For over twenty years Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. has been producing rubber footing for horse arenas. RubberLast™ Horse Turf is the premier arena footing for your equestrian comfort. Generated from a specialized process for uniform consistent size and fiber content, RubberLast™ horse turf allows for excellent moisture retention while providing good drainage. This translates into reduced maintenance, reduced dust, greater cushion, and an overall more attractive look.

Indoor and outdoor arenas have very different footing needs.

For the indoor arena we offer our 3/8″ rubber. Our 3/8 ” product consists of rubber blended with just enough fiber for great stability and moisture retention. This blend helps improve dust control, adds cushion to your arena, and reduces your grooming time.

For the outdoor arena we offer our 3/4″ chip. Not only is the 3/4″ chip more stable when exposed to outdoor wind and rain, it also tends to prevent sand from compacting as the impact of the horses hoofs on the larger chip assists in breaking up weather-exposed sand. 3/4″ RubberLast™ horse turf used on an outdoor arena will reduce your grooming time.

The depth of rubber and sand depends on the riding or training disciplines preformed in the arena. The performance of your arena depend on the quality of the quality and depth of the rubber and sand. For more information call Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. at 717-444-3788

Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. supplies rubber that is installed over a washed, coarse, annular sand base. The purpose of the sand is to provide stability. The propose of the rubber is to provide cushion for the horses and to help prevent the sand from breaking down. It also keeps the sand loose, reducing drag time.

The Rubberlast™ Horse Turf System is cost effective because you purchase sand from your local quarry and rubber directly from the manufacturer.

Contact Mahantango Enterprises, Inc. for more information on the Rubberlast™ Horse Turf System.